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Trust, Trustees and Management Committee as per Right to Information Act.

Trust: Muscu Anantha Reddy Charitable Trust was founded by Dr Muscu Madhusudan Reddy in his grandfather’s name to develop and build the sports complex in the land where he spent his childhood for the benefit of the community. Founding Trustees under the able leadership of Dr Bokka Madhava Reddy, who worked hard in developing the barren, boulder ridden fields into breath taking playing grounds, and a huge building and seating gallery with a commanding view of the hills, grounds and the farms.

Trustees: Thanks to the tireless efforts of the Outgoing Trustees, MMR Sports Complex took its present shape. Present Trustees under the guidance of the Founder & Patron-Dr M Madhusudan Reddy started Dr MMR College of Physical Education and their vision is to create an intellectual and comfortable climate that will challenge and encourage the right development, courageous expression of the human body, mind and spirit of students.

Management Committee: Trustees of Muscu Ananta Reddy Charitable Trust and Dr Muscu Madhusudan Reddy Educational Society authorize the College Principal to be in charge of day to day management of the College Administration assisted by the Director.