About Us

Dr MMR College of Physical Education was established in 2012 to serve as a Center of Excellence in the field of Physical Education. Education in order to be holistic and complete, needs to address scholastic as well as extra-curricular and physical education aspects. Physical Education will improve individual’s cardio-vascular fitness, muscle strength, endurance, flexibility, co-ordination, competitiveness, discipline, tolerance, team spirit, and academic performance . The College is approved by NCTE and is affiliated to Mahatma Gandhi University in Nalgonda.

MMR College takes pride in preparing the students for a number of careers ranging from physical education teachers to sports trainers, managing sport teams and events to consultants for the companies, from community advocates to citizen leaders in sports, exercise and health.

Programs & Services


To serve as a Center of Excellence in the field of Physical Education.


To prepare professional, passionate, competent teachers in Physical Education and Sports arena.


“Small steps stepping in, Long leaps leaving”.

Our mission is to provide passionate and professional staff with innovative cutting edge curriculum in a clean environment and be a role model College of Physical Education, an ideal sports school promoting sports to one and all and imparting healthy habits in the youth to create conflict free, enlightened, sustainable and successful societies.